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Hot Water Tank and Tankless Hot Water Installation

Restaurants Depend on Robinson & Son Plumbing & Mechanical

Robinson & Son Plumbing & Mechanical is blogging this month about our hot water tank and tankless hot water installation. If you’re like most people, you don’t even think about the hot water tank until the water only runs cold. When you suddenly discover that you only have cold weather for your shower, it’s time for a new hot water tank. You have a choice of a conventional hot water tank or a tankless hot water heater. With either system, your customers and guests will no longer have to endure cold showers, bathing, or hand washing.



Offering 24/7 Emergency Commercial Hot Water Tank Services

Unfortunately, hot water tank malfunction usually happens at the worst time for business owners. Your restaurant or hotel might be at capacity, or your restrooms or kitchens might only have cold water. What are you to do when that happens? Robinson & Son Plumbing & Mechanical is the answer for commercial plumbing. We offer customers 24/7 emergency services in and around Scott Depot, WV, including Kanawha County, Cabell County, and Putnam County. When you call us in your time of need, we arrive as soon as possible, inspect the problem, and get to work. If you need a hot water tank or a tankless hot water heater, we will give you a free estimate.



Hot Water Tanks Are Essential for Your Business

Hot water tanks are essential to businesses for the comfort of your employees, guests, and customers. They are also essential to the daily operation of your business. If your customers can’t depend on you to have water, they might not return to your business. Robinson & Son Plumbing & Mechanical offers tankless and conventional hot water tank installation and repair for businesses.


Our knowledgeable staff can help you to decide the right type and size of hot water tank for your needs. We can flush and maintain existing commercial hot water tanks and install point-of-service tankless hot water units.



The Difference Between a Hot Water Tank and Tankless Water Systems

Do you know the difference between a conventional hot water tank and a tankless hot water system? Conventional hot water tanks store hot water in one centralized tank. Tankless hot water systems don’t collect hot water in a central tank. Tankless water systems only heat water when you open the hot water faucet. Tankless water heaters are more expensive, but they only use power when the hot water faucet is open. Robinson & Son Plumbing & Mechanical can install tankless hot water systems wherever your demand  for hot water may be.


When you need hot water tank installation, be sure to call Robinson & Son Plumbing & Mechanical at (304) 757-8063. You can also follow us on Facebook. Our staff is highly qualified to provide hot water tank and tankless hot water installation.