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Know the Benefits of Sewer and Drain Cleaning

When Is the Last Time Your Sewer or Drains Were Cleaned?

As many homeowners know, there are many benefits of sewer and drain cleaning for your plumbing system. Sewer lines and drains are essential parts of the plumbing system. Toilets, bathtubs, sinks, and floor drains can quickly become clogged for various reasons. The deeper and larger the clog, the more challenging it can be to remove.

This month we’re going to explore the benefits of sewer and drain cleaning for your home. We’ll also go over the signs of a clog and why you shouldn’t wait to call a plumber.


Sewer and Drain Backups Are No Joke

Anyone who has experienced a sewer or drain clog knows that they are no joke. Sewage backup can come up through drains, toilets overflow, and you’re left with a mess. In order to keep drains from backing up, there are a few ways to keep these lines clear. Remember not to dump grease or oils down the drains. They will solidify and quickly cause clogs. Be sure to remove any food, hair, or large objects that get stuck in drains. These are also dangerous objects for drain and sewer lines.

Flushing non-septic safe items down the toilet will also end with a clog. Diapers, latex products, feminine hygiene products, and wipes cannot go down the drain. If anyone in your household flushes these items, either plunge the toilet or keep an eye on the drain. If there are any clogs present, Robinson & Son Plumbing & Mechanical can help in the Scott Depot, WV, area.


There Are Many Benefits of Sewer and Drain Cleaning for Your Home

The plumbing system is one of the most important parts of your home. Why not treat it as such? Regular maintenance and inspections are a great way to keep the plumbing system flowing. Part of this maintenance includes sewer and drain cleaning. Added benefits of sewer and drain cleaning include:

Clearing unknown blockages in pipes. You may not realize that a small blockage is forming in the drains. Regular cleaning can remove these blockages and avoid large, damaging clogs.

Finding any existing damage. Sewer or drain cleaning can potentially find damage in the lines. In some cases, there could be a link break or leak causing the issues.

Removing any foul odors. Do you notice any bad smells around the sink, bathtub, or toilet? There could be old food or other debris stuck in the drains. Drain cleaning will clear these objects out and remove the odor.

Added peace of mind. Have you ever wondered what the state of your plumbing system is like? Maybe you read an article or heard on TV about various sewer or drain issues. Having regular plumbing maintenance can remove these fears.

Robinson & Son Plumbing & Mechanical can help to keep your plumbing system stay clear. Talk to our plumbers about sewer and drain cleaning or additional maintenance.


Signs That It Is Time for Sewer and Drain Cleaning

Now that you know some of the benefits of sewer and drain cleaning, make sure you know the signs. These are some of the signs that your sewer line or drains need attention:

  • Backup in toilets, sinks, or bathtubs
  • Bad odors around sewer or drains
  • Wet or vibrant grass around the sewer line (could indicate a leak, too)
  • Pooling water or puddles around pipes and drains

Have you noticed any of these problems at your home in the Scott Depot area? Call our plumbers to check over your drains and conduct any needed maintenance or repair.


What Happens If You Don’t Keep Up with Drain Cleaning?

You may wonder what will happen if you ignore these signs. You may be thinking, “could it really be that bad?” Our answer is yes. Overflowing toilets and backup in drains can be damaging to your health and property. The Spruce reminds homeowners that when it comes to clogs, there is nowhere else for the sewage to go. No one wants to clean up this mess, but it has to be done.

Sewage backup can also cause property damage and environmental concerns, especially when sewer line leaks are present. Knowing that these issues are preventable should be one good indication that it’s time to make a drain cleaning appointment. Our plumbers can also make repairs to pipes and other fixtures after removing the clog if necessary.

If your plumbing seems to be in working order, consider a plumbing inspection to make sure that’s the case. You could have an inspection every few years to make sure there aren’t any small clogs or line damage.


Call Robinson & Son Plumbing & Mechanical for Effective Plumbing Work

Robinson & Son Plumbing & Mechanical offers sewer cleaning and drain cleaning for homes throughout Scott Depot, WV. We work closely with our customers to keep their plumbing systems running. Let our plumbers remove pesky, damaging clogs from your sewer lines and drains. We can also handle sewer line leaks and other utility line work.


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