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Plumbing Inspections Are Necessary for All Homes

When Is The Last Time Your Home Had a Plumbing Inspection?

Plumbing inspections are crucial for residential plumbing, even if homeowners aren’t always aware of it. You may have heard it in the past that someone noticed a small dripping in a pipe. They taped it off and thought everything was fine, until the pipe burst and flooded their home. A quick plumbing inspection could’ve caught the pressure and pipe problems and saved them a lot of time and money.


This month we’re going to cover the importance of plumbing inspections for your home. The right plumber will carefully go over each part of the system and make sure everything is in working order. If there are any problems, your plumber can determine how and when to make repairs.


All Plumbing Systems Require Plumbing Inspections

As we mentioned, all residential plumbing systems require plumbing inspections. You may think it’s just for commercial buildings, but home plumbing systems can falter, too. There are few worse things that coming home to a flood because a pipe burst. In many cases, the homeowner could have prevented this with a plumbing inspection.


SafetyCulture defines a plumbing inspection as “a systematic process of assessing the critical areas of the plumbing system of a property.” This includes pipes, valves, drains, water lines, sewer lines, and hot water tanks. If there are any problems that arise during the inspection, the plumber can correct them. If they find larger problems, the plumber may schedule a different time to come back and make the fix.


Checking Over Pipes, Valves, and Drains

Checking over pipes, valves, and drains is an important part of the plumbing inspection. Pipes and valves let water and sewage move from one place to the next. Faulty pipes can lead to leaks and bursts, causing the chance of expensive property damage. Broken or loose valves may make it that you cannot turn the water line on or off. This can create its own set of problems, especially in the event of a leak.


The plumber will also check out the drain line and make sure no clogs are present. They may use a camera or drain snake to remove anything found in the drain. Regular cleaning can also help prevent damaging clogs or blockages from forming.


Hot Water Tank Inspections Keep Leaks at Bay

Another important part of your plumbing system is the hot water tank. Hot water tanks keep the hot water flowing through your home. Hot water is necessary for sanitation, whether it be bathing or laundry, cooking, and more. The plumber will check over the tank for any leaks or thermostat issues. They will make sure all is functioning well and all connections are tight. If you’ve had inconsistencies with hot water or any noises coming from the tank, now is the time to mention it.


Plumbers Check Over Sewer Lines and Drains

We briefly covered the drain inspections, but plumbers will also check over sewer line connections. This will make sure that the sewer line is moving the way it should and that there are no clogs forming. Sewer line inspections are usually completed with a camera. The plumber can then find any clogs or other obstructions, like tree roots or rocks.


Conducting a Thorough Inspection of Plumbing Fixtures

Plumbing fixtures, like sinks, toilets, and showers, are all important to the function of the plumbing system. They all link to the main water line, meaning that leaks are possible for all of them. Your plumber will check over any valves and pipes that lead to these fixtures, along with the plumbing fixtures themselves.


Water Pressure and Water Shutoff Checks

Eventually, your plumber will come to the water shutoff valve. This valve is crucial for leaks and water line issues that can spring up. If you find that there is a large leak in your home, turning off the water can put it on pause. The plumber will make sure the valve is working and test the water pressure as well. High pressure can cause problems with the pipes and your plumbing fixtures.


“Can I Fail a Plumbing Inspection?”

Keep in mind that it’s possible to “fail” a plumbing inspection. This could include leaks, clogs, or faulty plumbing fixtures. The plumber will work with you to make needed repairs, whether it’s tightening a valve or replacing the pipes.


The plumbing system is one of the most used systems of your home. Think about every time you flush the toilet or turn on a faucet. You can then imagine how disastrous a leak or burst pipe can be.


The team at Robinson & Son Plumbing & Mechanical is here to help you keep your plumbing system in working order. We can properly inspect your plumbing system and fix any problems that we come across.


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