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Prevent Frozen Pipes in Your Home This Winter in WV

It’s Getting Colder – Do You Know How to Prevent Pipes from Freezing?

Now that we’re in the colder months, it’s important to prepare your plumbing as soon as possible to prevent frozen pipes. Freezing water inside pipes can expand, causing the pipe to burst. Anyone who has experienced a burst pipe can agree on the expense and inconvenience. Preparing your plumbing for the winter is not even close to the cleanup and repair costs of water damage and replacement piping.

It doesn’t matter where your plumbing lines run or where the pipes are in your home, they can still fall victim to freezing temperatures. Taking the proper precautions before and during the winter months can help to decrease the chance of any lines or pipes freezing. In short, there are steps to take to prevent frozen pipes can save you money and time.

Robinson & Son Plumbing & Mechanical in Scott Depot, WV, is here to help you prepare your plumbing for winter. In the past, we’ve talked about the importance of winterization. Today we’re going to look further into why it is such an important task for your pipes.


What Happens When Pipes Freeze?

While protecting your plumbing may seem like a futile mission once temperatures plunge past freezing, there are some ways to stay proactive before and during the winter months.

The American Red Cross provides great tips for keeping your pipes from freezing. A few of these basic tips include:

Keep heat above 55 degrees (Fahrenheit) in the home to decrease the chance of indoor pipes freezing.

If lines are in the garage, keep the door and any windows closed.

Let water drip from faucets (of exposed pipes) when temperatures plummet. Moving water helps to limit the chance of freezing.

If your home is cold and has pipes located next to an uninsulated exterior wall, open cabinet doors to allow warm air to infiltrate the pipes. Be sure to remove any potential hazards to children and pets, like cleaners.

While these are great ways to decrease the chance of frozen pipes, it’s best to trust a qualified plumber to inspect your home and prepare your pipes for the colder months. Robinson & Son Plumbing & Mechanical is available to prepare your plumbing for winter.


Signs That Your Pipes Are Frozen

While you may think so, there are some cases where frozen pipes aren’t so easy to notice. One that might be a little obvious is that no water is coming out of the faucet, or it’s just a trickle. You might also notice frost on outdoor pipes or spigots, along with indoor pipes if they are in the garage or crawl space.

A less noticeable problem can be smells coming from the plumbing. If a water line or sewer line is frozen, it can cause backup. This will cause foul smells and backup into drains, which can lead to potential health problem and costly repairs.


I Think My Pipes Are Frozen. What Do I Do?

If your pipes freeze, there are ways to thaw them before any damage occurs, so be proactive. The longer you wait, the more chance there is for pipes to burst or other potential issues to occur, like drain clogs, backup, and more. If you think you have frozen pipes, it is time to act.

If you know that your pipes are frozen, there are some things you can do on your own to quickly fix them. Applying heat to the pipes will help thaw them faster. Potential heat sources can include a hairdryer, electric space heater, heating pad, or warm towels if possible. As we’ve mentioned, keep the cabinet or door open to allow the heat to flow in. Do not use an open flame. For safety, keep in mind that any type of heating device should be away from anything flammable.

While waiting for the pipes to thaw, leave the faucet on. This will indicate that the blockage is melting, and running water can help to melt the remaining ice. If the frozen pipe problem is too severe, Robinson & Son Plumbing & Mechanical is available to help.


Trust Robinson & Son Plumbing & Mechanical for Winterizing Your Home

Preparing your home for winter can be a chore, but it pays off in the long run to avoid costly plumbing repairs like frozen or burst pipes. If you need assistance in winterizing your home, thawing pipes, or other essential plumbing services, call our team right away. Our professionals are available to help customers in Scott Depot, WV, and the surrounding areas.


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